My name is Brandon.

I’m energized by exploring complexity. I try to make sense of it by searching for connections, using creativity, fueled by curiosity, to drive design.

I’m a Christian, husband, father of four. I live in Tampa, love tennis, podcast, design products, visualize data, create courses, design and develop WordPress plugins, publish videos on YouTube and provide creative consulting services to select executives throughout the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

Hi, my name is Brandon Muth. I believe in free markets, creativity and the power of entrepreneurship, primarily because they drastically changed the course of my life for the better.

I grew up in poverty and spent much of my youth traversing the American Southwest in a camper on the back of my dad’s 1958 Dodge pickup. Ultimately moving 17 times by the age of 12, my family finally settled in Northern New Mexico on remote acreage devoid of any modern amenities – including electricity, running water or indoor plumbing. It was here that I learned to improvise, explore and bootstrap things to survive – like gathering aluminum beer cans along the rural New Mexico highways to sell them by the pound at a local pawn shop in exchange for off-brand mac and cheese money.

In 1994 my grandfather sent me a Pentium 386 with a simple note: “The future is on the World Wide Web. Learn how to use this.” And so I did. When my family’s bulky, unreliable power generator permitted, I began learning how to work the noisy modem, code duck hunt games and use the fancy word processor to type my home-schooled history essays.

By 1996 I was learning HTML (with the help of my good buddy Ian) and started delving into Macromedia’s Flash ActionScript. In 1998 (during a strange detour into the twilight zone of American mega-church) I was hired to design and develop my first official website and in 2001 got my first job as an interactive designer at an award-winning branding boutique. I launched out on my own in 2004 and have since done work for Fortune 500 companies, organizations listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ, as well as almost every size and type of organization in between.

In 2012, with the launch of the GoToWP WordPress Plugin, I began to diversify my business, delving into the world of freemium software. In 2015, this expanded with the launch of the Woo Credits WordPress Plugin. In 2016, I began designing and selling data art through my website brandonmuth.com. Software, product design and data art now constitute a majority of my business activity, although, I continue to work with a handful of clients on select engagements.

I’m a graduate of the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico, I’ve been featured/referenced in the Albuquerque Journal (1996, 1998), Albuquerque Tribune (1997), Rockport Publishers (2002), ADDY Awards (2003, 2004), Print Magazine (2003), How Magazine (2004), Bride Magazine (2005), New Mexico Business Weekly (2007), Smashing Magazine (2008), FastCompany.com homepage (2008 – during which my servers promptly crashed), Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (2008), Network Solutions (2008), CSS Mania (2008), Web Designer Magazine Hot 100 (2009), PRSA Gold and Silver Awards (2009, 2012, 2014), USTA.com (2010), Blogging Tips (2010), Tampa Bay Startup Week (2012) and Mashable.com (2016).

I live in Tampa, FL with my wonderful wife, four rambunctious children and one overly protective chihuahua. In spite of my aches, pains and muscle cramps multiplying every year, I still greatly enjoy tennis and remain a relatively active competitive player, winning over a dozen doubles tournaments over the last few years, while racking up wins over a former Davis Cup player, a hand full of Division I All-Americans and giving a couple top ranked juniors runs for their proverbial money.

As with millions of other people in the world today, you connect with me on Instagram or Twitter @bmuth. (I closed my Twitter account in the fall of 2020 because I oppose censorship and believe in the power of creative destruction that free markets afford. See F*** Big Tech post for more on this topic.)