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What Is Muthonomics?

Hey. My name is Brandon. I’m a startup entrepreneur living in Tampa, FL with my wife and four, rambunctious, very tall, children. You probably won’t believe it, because most people don’t, but I grew up really poor. Like no running water, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, in a drafty, rundown trailer plopped in the middle of nowhere, kind of poor. This came after moving 16 times before the age of 12, traversing the American Southwest with a variety of cheap rentals and campers/trailers attached to the back of my dad’s rotation of rusted out, jalopy pickup trucks. I got my first lesson in entrepreneurship as a 9 year old in the summer of 1988, picking up beer cans along the rural New Mexican highways, which we promptly sold by the pound to a local pawn shop in exchange for (beer) and off-brand mac and cheese money.

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What’s uniquely strange about this poverty, was that my alcoholic, hippie, genius, vagabond father decided very early on that I would play one of the wealthiest, affluent, elitist sports known to man. So when I was 3 he jammed a tennis racket in my hand and set out on an odd trek of turning me into a highly competitive, nationally ranked, college recruited tennis player. As you might expect, the socio-economic collisions which clanged off one another throughout my entire childhood, created a smorgasbord of unbelievable, perplexing, hysterical and more often times than not, downright embarrassing, experiences.

However, as with all things, whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. And so, it’s from these experiences, as awkward and painful as many of them were, that I’m earning what I call “my MBA in operating successfully as an outsider.”

So what is Muthonomics? Well, it’s insights and perspectives and lessons on business, creativity, success, failure, personal life, obstacles, challenges and more, all from the viewpoint of an incredibly experienced outsider, who is continually learning to operate successfully as an outsider, by distilling the highly unconventional into profitably efficient tactics tailored to fit more conventional markets.

To be clear, Muthonomics isn’t where you’ll learn how to join the good ol’ boys, but where you’ll learn to first compete on the same level as them, then employ tools to help you outperform them. (This is highly rewarding and tremendously addictive. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Which, leads us to further clarification of what Muthonomics is NOT. If you’re looking how to navigate corporate America, or get a promotion, or play nicely with inter-office politics, or tidy to-do lists to trick people into thinking you’re more productive, then Muthonomics is not for you. Please close your browser or go checkout the many conventional-wisdom resources available to you on the Internet. There is a tremendous amount of really good, high quality content that already focuses on these conventional (and ultimately boring) methods.

If, on the other hand, you’re tired of convention or need a little dose of the unexpected, then Muthonomics may just be the shot of energy and fresh perspective you’ve been looking for.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you on the other side.

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