WordPress Smorgasbord

WordPress Smorgasbord

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This course is an ever-expanding library of all things WordPress, specifically related to troubleshooting, tips, advice, best practices, hacks and more that have gone into me running a successful eCommerce business since 2012, powered by WordPress and WooCommerce.

As with all the courses on my site, this course is dynamic, meaning the syllabus will expand as applicable experience and knowledge expand, and purchasing this course grants you lifetime access to all current and future lessons associated with this course.


Understanding GDPR: An Overview of the Spirit of the Law

On the surface, GDPR might seem like a burdensome regulation that is causing millions of website owners to jump through a ton of new hoops in order to avoid hefty fines. However, if viewed from the customer’s perspective, the spirit of the GDPR legislation seeks to put the customer first, by placing them in control of the data they share with you.

It may come as a surprise to some business owners, but customer’s sharing their data with you, whether to leave a blog comment or purchase an item in your WooCommerce store, is a privilege, and one that you should not take for granted, let alone abuse.

At it’s core, that is the spirit of GDPR, and if you’re a business owner who seeks to profit from abusing your customer’s trust, then perhaps you shouldn’t be in business in the first place.

GDPR Essentials: Updating to WordPress 4.9.6

To begin the process of becoming GDPR compliant, it is absolutely vital that you update WordPress core to 4.9.6 or greater. This is because WordPress 4.9.6 includes three very important items needed to ensure your site becomes GDPR compliant. This lesson provides an overview of these three important items and how updating to WordPress 4.9.6 will provide a huge step towards your site becoming GDPR compliant.

GDPR Essentials: Adding Checkbox on Comment Form

This lesson demonstrates how to add a checkbox to your WordPress comments section, in order to get explicit consent from your site visitors for storing their information for future comments. Ideally, this should be a relatively smooth process, however, if your theme is not updated to be GDPR compliant, or if your theme is overwriting the standard WordPress comment form, you can run into problems. This lesson shows you how to update, but also demonstrates three work arounds should you run into problems with your theme.

Quick Fix for Full Width Video and Image Issues

I’ve run into this issue with just about every theme I’ve worked with and knowing this simple variable will save you tons of time troubleshooting and will prevent you from tearing your hair out.

Editing Colors in Your WooCommerce Theme

Simple things like changing button colors and text sizes are the most frequently requested items we’ve gotten for WooCredits and GoToWP customers, so I thought I’d record a few videos showing exactly how to do this and make changes to BrandonMuth.com in real time so you can see how they are done.